50 Years of GRIPS Theater Mormolis by Rainer Hachfeld

Theatre Performance

Mormolis, the Greek version of the GRIPS classic Mugnog-Kinder!, was first performed in Greece in 1973. The anti-authoritarian play, which managed to sneak past the censorship of the repressive military regime, is one of the most important plays for the resistance against the military dictatorship. Today, Mormolis is as well known in Greece as Linie 1 in Berlin.

The audience joins in with the songs. The children side vociferously and freely with a wooden box called Mormolis, which is brought to life by them in their imagination. In their eyes, the wooden box can sing, laugh, bite, and give good advice. Mormolis is their top-secret ally and mouthpiece to provoke the attention of adults. Mormolis is an ode to children's imagination.

In 2019, the Manufactory of Laughter relaunches the play. As part of the anniversary celebration “50 Years of GRIPS Theater”, Mormolis is a guest performance at Akademie der Künste.

Directed by: Giorgos Paloumbis, Vassilis Koukalani
Translation and Adaptation: Panagiotis Skoufis
Music: Yannis Spanos und Themos Skandamis
Arrangements: Kostas Nikolopoulos
With: Antonis Christou, Vassiliki Dialyna, Vassia Lakoumenta, Fotis Lazarou, Themos Skandamis, Antonis Tsiotsiopoulos

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Saturday, 8 Jun 2019

6 pm



Guest performance by Manufactory of Laughter (Athens)

Age 5+

In Greek with simultaneous translation

Duration: 100 min with one intermission

€ 11/7


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