What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today MS Schrittmacher: Anita Berber – Rekonstruktionen


Anita Berber, dance icon of the 1920s, was a star whose fame reached beyond the borders of Germany. She helped open views on gender and morals like no other, and consequently put her audiences to the test. Choreographer Martin Stiefermann and dancer Brit Rodemund focus on the dancer’s and choreographer’s creative oeuvre and working methods, getting past the scandals and what was often a false perception of Berber through the media. Based on Anita Berberová – Studie, they reconstruct Joe Jenčík’s outstanding solo performance about Anita Berber, with live accompaniment by pianist David Schwarz.

Sunday, 8 Sep 2019

8 pm


Hall 2

Lecture Performance

€ 13/7 

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Extensive documentary material of Anita Berber – Rekonstruktionen is accessible in TANZFONDS ERBE's digital archive