What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today Takao Kawaguchi & Tomomi Tanabe: The Sick Dancer


In his text, Tatsumi Hijikata, the founder of Butoh, gave a striking expression to memory and the metamorphosis of the body. Takao Kawaguchi embodies this text that is closely related to Hijikata's choreographic notation butoh-fu – words that conjure up images, which penetrate all the sensual realms of a dancer. Following his solo About Kazuo Ohno, in The Sick Dancer Kawaguchi performs a duet with Tomomi Tanabe (who studied with Hijikata). It takes place on a tatami mat, a symbol for the smallest unit of privacy.

Further performance on 14 Sep.

Sunday, 15 Sep 2019

7 pm


Hall 2

Based on texts by Tatsumi Hijikata

In English

€ 13/7

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