Aras Ören, July 1995. Photo: Marianne Fleitmann © Akademie der Künste

Aras Ören: Berlin Trilogy

Book Presentation

Was will Niyazi in der Naunynstraße, (What’s Niyazi doing on Naunynstraße?), published in 1973 by Rotbuch Verlag, was one of the first major texts about Turkish Kreuzberg. The poem by Aras Ören marked the start of the Berliner Trilogie (Berlin Trilogy), and was followed by Der kurze Traum aus Kagithane (The brief dream from Kagithane) (1974) and Die Fremde ist auch ein Haus (A foreign place is a house, too) (1980). Now for the first time, the three successful books have been published in one volume, with a preface by the author. Artists and literature critics discuss the œuvre of Aras Ören, whose archive is managed by the Akademie der Künste.


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Book presentation with Aras Ören et al.

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