Where The Story Unfolds.
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Exhibition Opening

Where The Story Unfolds, this year's work presentation by the Junge Akademie fellows, is an interdisciplinary exhibition and event format that includes performances, screenings, concerts and talks, and opens up discursive as well as experimental spaces. Many of the projects presented here by the 14 international Akademie der Künste fellows – from the six Sections, namely Visual Arts, Architecture, Music, Literature, Performing Arts, Film and Media Art – were created as part of the artist-in-residence programme 2019 at the studios in the Hansaviertel. Some of them were developed in collaboration with members of the Akademie.

The works this year are strongly defined by a narrative character, by practices and gestures of storytelling. In the process, the Akademie der Künste serves as a place where stories are created, in whose archives stories are rediscovered and whose rooms act as a source of inspiration and as a backdrop for new stories (Franziska Pflaum). The different artistic positions address people in relation to their own bodies, to space, time and movement (Sebastián Solórzano, Regina Fredriksson). The relationship with nature and the perception of our environment in images and sounds (Kristine Tjøgersen) – as well as our engagement with the digital world we live in, the influence of technologies like 3D printing and artificial intelligence but also possible future designs in sculptures, performances and discursive formats (Eric Le Méné, Kaj Duncan David, Efilena Baseta) will be discussed.

Performative installations and walk-in settings investigate the mechanisms and potency of narratives, for example, by means of the practices of fortune telling (Artemiy Shokin) or in the multi-perspective re-staging of a murder (Cemile Sahin). They become audible and visible in the manifold stories on a summer's day in the city (Anna Weidenholzer), in the poetic language adventures of a ride on the underground (Barbara Delać) or in the endless starry sky of film history (Johann Lurf). Repetitive scenarios and loops blur the origin of the narrative (Dorian Sari); visual episodes and set pieces overlap and constantly rearrange themselves (Robert Olawuyi). Time and again, the visitors are invited to become part of the stories, to activate the narratives and experience the possibilities and impossibilities of storytelling for themselves.

A fundamental role of the Akademie der Künste is to promote the work of young, international artists from all disciplines. The Akademie actively pursues this objective by awarding prizes and fellowships, administered and guided by the Junge Akademie, a department set up specifically for this purpose. An advisory board made up of members from all arts sections accompanies the work and projects of this advancement programme. Five different fellowships are now overseen by the Junge Akademie.

Exhibition brochure (PDF)

Programme for the opening weekend, 1+2 Feb (PDF)

Saturday, 1 Feb 2020

6:30 pm


Exhibition opening, concerts, performance

In German and English

Free admission

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