EMOP Opening Days Photography between art and mass medium


Panel with Jörg Colberg, editor photoblog Conscientious (USA), Florian Ebner (head of the photography department, Centre Pompidou (F), Anika Meier, art historian and freelance author (D), Kathrin Peters, professor of history and theory of visual culture, UdK (D), Ingo Taubhorn, curator, Deichtorhallen (D). Moderation Stefanie Diekmann, Professor of Media and Film Studies, Universität Hildesheim (D)

How can photography position itself as an independent medium between art, journalistic documentation and Instagram?
A discussion of current aesthetic developments in photography from a curatorial and media theory perspective.


EMOP Opening Days

1 Oct, 12 pm – 12 am: Exhibition opening

1 – 4 Oct: Photo film series

2 Oct, 5 pm: The future of photography education (Discussion)

2 Oct, 8 pm: Photography and the institutions (Discussion)

3 Oct, 2 pm: Photography between art and mass medium (Discussion)

3 Oct, 4 pm: Artist talk

3 Oct, 7 pm: On artistic and human rights interventions (Discussion)

4 Oct, 12 pm: 1990. Recording the new (and the old) era (Discussion)

4 Oct, as of 3 pm: OSTKREUZ – Book talks

Saturday, 3 Oct 2020

2 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Panel with Jörg Colberg, Florian Ebner, Anika Meier, Kathrin Peters, Ingo Taubhorn

Moderation: Stefanie Diekmann

In German

€ 3

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