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Film and Talk

It is 2034 and the Federal Republic of Germany is in the dock at the International Court of Justice. It is being sued by 31 countries of the global South for not only failing to prevent the rise in CO2 emissions, but for having decisively promoted it through subsidies and regulatory policies. The consequences: global warming, catastrophes, hunger and social unrest. Andres Veiel and co-author Jutta Doberstein establish a fictional tribunal in which missed opportunities are discussed, as is the question of the extent to which individual freedom reaches its limits when the survival of all is at stake.

Thursday, 19 Nov

7 pm



Film by Andres Veiel (Germany 2020, 90 min.)

With Edgar Selge, Ulrich Tukur, Nina Kunzendorf

Discussion with Rainer Baake, Jutta Doberstein, Alexandra Kemmerer, Andres Veiel

In German

€ 6/4

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