Anna Seghers in the circle of her friends

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Anna Seghers, who often appeared rather shy and cautious, found support among her friends, whom she trusted unreservedly, with whom she exchanged ideas and laughed unselfconsciously. The writer remained close to the actresses Steffie Spira and Helene Weigel, the author Berta Waterstradt and the politician Lore Wolf until the end of her life.

The Anna Seghers Museum in Berlin Adlershof preserves this writer’s home and study as it was during her lifetime, and presents a permanent showcase exhibition on her life and work. The Museums original furnishings include Anna Seghers’ extensive private library and many personal mementoes. 

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2024

2 pm

Anna-Seghers-Str. 81
12489 Berlin


In German

€ 4/2

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