The Breath of a House is the Sound of Voices Within Event programme

Concerts, Readings, Performances, Film

Accompanying the exhibition of the same name (1 Mar – 1 Apr), the JUNGE AKADEMIE scholarship holders will present a packed programme of concerts, readings, film screenings and performances. Aesthetic rituals and traditional art forms meet contemporary theatrical productions, compositions and queer subculture. “The Breath of a House” moves at the “speed” of the road trip, follows an attitude to life between ecstasy and Grindr dates, or slows down in the contemplative role play of a performance.


Performance Programme on 16 March

Oliver Thurley
Vitrify, 2024
Sound installation, 30 min
4 – 11 pm, Sesselclub

Zsófia Lili Orbán
Performance, World premiere, In German, 30 min
Direction: Zsófia Lili Orbán, Composition: Veit-Jacob Walter, Vocals: Xenia Preisenberger, Musical rehearsal: Anna Scholl
Followed by Q&A with Clara Herrmann
4 pm, Hall 3

Haotian Yu
Shawm music (toward a minor music), 2023
for staged ensemble, text video, lighting, and live-electronics, 42 min
With Ensemble Mosaik
5:30 pm, Kleines Parkett

Elnaz Seyedi
Fragmente einer Erinnerung (Fragments of a memory), 2015
for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and percussion

Dazwischen als statischer Sonderfall (In Between as a Static Exception), 2022
for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano
With Ensemble Mosaik
6:20 pm, Kleines Parkett

Ensemble Mosaik
Flute: Kristjana Helgadottir, Oboe: Simon Strasser, Clarinet: Christian Vogel, Percussion: Adam Weisman, Piano: Ernst Surberg, Violin: Chatschatur Kanajan, Cello: Niklas Seidl, Sound direction: Arne Vierck

Jonas Eika
Open Sky, 2024
Reading, In English, 30 min
7 pm, Hall 3
The reading has been cancelled.

Kim de L'Horizon
Reading, In German, 15 min
Scenic setting: Yannik Böhmer
With Dieter Rita Scholl und Der Cora Frost
7:30 pm, Hall 3

Lillah Halla
FLEHMEN, 2022/24
Studies on horses, ropes and hopes
Role-play performance, In English, 90 min
With Marcos Mangani, Manoela Rangel, Eurico Ferreira Matthias, Ennio Nobilli and Nighty, the horse
8:15 pm, Hall 3

Claire Fercak & Kerwin Rolland
Une existence sans précédent, 2024
Performance/Reading, French with English subtitles, 30 min
8:45 pm, Forecourt

Yannik Böhmer
daniel's destruction, 2024
Performance, 60 min
A project by Unbestimmte Bewegung [indeterminate movement]
Direction and video: Yannik Böhmer, Text framework: Nicolaas van Diepen, Dramatic composition: Elena Kaufmann
Performance: Tim-Fabian Hoffmann, Shlomi Moto Wagner, Nicolaas van Diepen, Music: Erik Leuthäuser
9:30 pm, Kleines Parkett
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DJ set
10:30 pm – 12:30 am, Studiofoyer


Film Programme on 17 March

Aboozar Amini
Kabul, City in the Wind, 2021
In Farsi with English subtitles, 88 min
5 pm

Mohammed Almughanni
An Orange from Jaffa, 2022
In Arabic, Hebrew and English with subtitles, 27 min
6:45 pm

Mina Keshavarz
The Art of Living in Danger, 2020
In Farsi with English subtitles, 87 min
7:15 pm

Q&A with Mohammed Almughanni and Mina Keshavarz
Moderation: Iskandar Ahmad Abdalla
9 pm

The Art of Living in Danger


16 — 17 Mar 2024

Event programme with concerts, readings and performances
Sat 16 Mar 4 – 11 pm

Film screenings
Sun 17 Mar 5 – 10 pm

In German and English

Free admission