Poetry and Punk


Who today knows that the post-punk bands from the West such as Die tödliche Doris were played more often in the East than in the West – for example, on shows like the East German youth radio station DT64? What role could a piece of diplomatic luggage that was used to transport information about West Berlin subcultures have played in smuggling from West to East? Geniale Dilletanten (1982) by Wolfgang Müller, published by Merve, was distributed by Heiner Müller, the last president of the East German Academy of Arts, in the Prenzlauer Berg scene. And so it found its way to poet Bert Papenfuß and from there to the Lippok brothers of the East Berlin band Ornament & Verbrechen. What was the exchange from the East to the West like? How did the distribution channels differ? Did this play a role in later collaborations between East and West?

Friday, 16 Mar 2018

6 pm


Hall 2

Panel: Ronald Galenza, Bert Papenfuß, Wolfgang Müller, Ronald Lippok
Moderation: Kathrin Röggla

In German

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