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In a country where borders were omnipresent, the transboundary approach to artistic work was a key component of alternative culture. Christine Schlegel, a painter, and Gabi Kachold-Stötzer, an author and photographer, understood their Super 8 films as a continuation and expansion of their previous work with moving images. Both of them knew each other at the time, but had never worked together. They were united by their interest in the performative as a means of expression, and exploring the female body in an interplay of materials, colours and forms. Gabi Kachold-Stötzer made contributions in collaboration with other collective setups, taking up archaic and matriarchal rites to tell of sexual liberation and self-determination. Christine Schlegel's films combine the actionistic with the process of creating images. Using expressive body language, dancer Fine Kwiatkowski found this combination to be a sympathetic protagonist in her interactions between painting, movement and music.

Saturday, 17 Mar 2018

8 pm


Hall 2

Treibhaus (1985),12 Min.
Strukturen und Film (1985), 8 Min.
Directed by Christine Schlegel

Trisal (1986), 20 Min.
Directed by Gabriele Kachold-Stötzer

Discussion: Gabriele Kachold-Stötzer, Christine Schlegel

Moderation: Cornelia Klauß

In German

Free admission


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