Anhörung! Ach du lieber Augustin, wie fröhlich ich bin

Radio Play and Discussion

Inge Müller wrote dramas, prose and above all poetry. Her writing was dominated by both her hunger for life and war trauma – she had been buried under rubble for three days. By her husband Heiner Müller's side, she published children's books. The diversity of her work, however, was only discovered after her death. Inge Müller took her own life in 1966 at the age of 41. "Poetry just before the crash", was how Adolf Endler described her lyric poetry. Radio play director Ulrich Gerhardt has staged a dense collage of tones based on her texts, edited by Ines Geipel and Heike Tauch.

This evening ist part of new event series for audio art "Anhörung!" of the Akademie der Künste. In this series of radio plays some exemplary pieces are listened to and discussed anew, archives are researched, borderlands are explored and forms of the public sphere are put to the test.

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

7 pm



Radio play collage by Ines Geipel and Heike Tauch, based on Inge Müller

Director: Ulrich Gerhardt

ORB/DLF 1997

45 Min

Followed by a talk

In German

€ 6/4


Tel.: (030) 200 57-1000