Myths – Bauhauses – Dogmas


Conceived and organised by members of the Visual Arts and Architecture Sections, the two-day symposium appreciates and critically reviews the Bauhaus and its impact on 20th and 21st century art and architecture.

On 24 May, Werner Durth, Wulf Herzogenrath, Wolfgang Pehnt, Vladimír Šlapeta and Wilfried Wang lead a scholarly discourse about concepts and alternative models to the Bauhaus. Afterwards, Arnold Dreyblatt touches on various subject areas with concerts and performative interventions, based on Anni and Josef Albers’ writings at Black Mountain College (1933–1949).

On 25 May, members, artists, architects and scholars look behind the myths and dogmas that surround “100 Years of Bauhaus”. Insights into the international reception of the Bauhaus from the post-war period until today, critiques and new artistic approaches, culminating in “BauhAusblicke” (Bauhaus Outlooks) are provided by Winfried Brenne, Jean-Louis Cohen, Matthias Flügge, Thomas Flierl, Konstantin Grcic, Birgit Hein, Ulrike Lorenz, Olaf Nicolai, Matthias Sauerbruch, Karin Sander, Philip Ursprung, Hubertus von Amelunxen, Wilfried Wang, et al.

24 — 25 May 2019

Symposium with panel discussions, theatrical readings, reception

24 May, from 2 pm: History and reception of the Bauhaus

Followed by theatrical reading by Arnold Dreyblatt in English

25 May, from 10 am: National and international Bauhaus reception, critique, new approaches

Symposium in German

Day ticket € 6/4
Kombi-Ticket € 10/6

Further information

Programme on 24 May (PDF in German)

Programme on 25 May (PDF in German)

Flyer (PDF)