EMOP Opening Days Photography and the institutions


Keynote: Thomas Weski, Curator and Stiftung Fotografie und Medienkunst mit Archiv Michael Schmidt (D)
Panel with Simone Klein, Photography Expertise + Art Advisor (D), Robert Morat, Gallerist Robert Morat Gallery (D), Kito Nedo, freelance journalist (D), Anne Schwanz, Gallerist, Office Impart (D), Thomas Seelig, Head of the Department of Photography, Museum Folkwang (D). Presenter Johannes Odenthal, Director of Programming, Akademie der Künste (D)

The initiative for a national institute of photography by the Commissioner for Culture and Media has reignited the debate on a place of photography in Germany. Does photography need its own locations, such as galleries, museums and archives, or is it just one medium among others in the existing arts structures? Or has the space of photography shifted to the digital world as its congenial counterpart?


EMOP Opening Days

1 Oct, 12 pm – 12 am: Exhibition opening

1 – 4 Oct: Photo film series

2 Oct, 5 pm: The future of photography education (Discussion)

2 Oct, 8 pm: Photography and the institutions (Discussion)

3 Oct, 2 pm: Photography between art and mass medium (Discussion)

3 Oct, 4 pm: Artist talk

3 Oct, 7 pm: On artistic and human rights interventions (Discussion)

4 Oct, 12 pm: 1990. Recording the new (and the old) era (Discussion)

4 Oct, as of 3 pm: OSTKREUZ – Book talks

Friday, 2 Oct 2020

8 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Keynote by Thomas Weski

Panel with Simone Klein, Robert Morat, Kito Nedo, Anne Schwanz, Thomas Seelig

Moderation: Johannes Odenthal

In German

€ 3

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