Anna Seghers-Preis 2020. Ivna Žic – Hernán Ronsino

Award Ceremony

The 2020 Anna Seghers Prize, worth €12,500 per recipient, has been awarded to Croatian-Swiss author Ivna Žic and Argentinean Hernán Ronsino. Born in 1986, Ivna Žic initially appeared as a playwright. In her debut novel, Die Nachkommende (2019), we read “in a rich and cautious language of escapes, displacements and the constant presence of memory”. In what is known as his Pampa trilogy, Ronsino, born in 1975, tells stories from the Argentinean province in a stylistically confident and linguistically experimental manner.

Friday, 20 Nov 2020

7 pm

Pariser Platz

Plenary Hall

Laudatory address: Annette Pehnt, Dagmar Ploetz

Reading: Hernán Ronsino, Ivna Žic

In German

Free admission

Unfortunately, the event has to be cancelled.