Open Studios

The JUNGE AKADEMIE at the Akademie der Künste is showing current works and works-in-progress by fellows and guest artists in the visual arts, film and media arts and music. In this edition of Open Studios, artists are represented with (ceremonial) performances, screenings, listening stations and exhibitions in the Beech Garden and the clubroom at the Akademie’s Hanseatenweg venue.

To launch the evening programme, singers and musicians Sol-i So (Music fellow) and Bo-Sung Kim perform three pieces of traditional Korean music for voice, percussion and dance. A sung prayer and a shamanistic ritual for the dead bring happiness and health for the welfare of all living spiritual beings ‒ nature and people ‒ and also address the interrelationship of life and death. The performers lead guests from the entrance of the Akademie der Künste to the Beech Garden. Sol-i So is also presenting together with guest artist Soyoung Park former works and current studio recordings at a listening station in the salon.

In a performative scenario held in the Beech Garden ‒ including bondage performances, roleplay, film clips and music ‒ filmmaker and artist Lillah Halla (Film and Media Arts fellow) – together with guest artists Carolina Bianchi, Eurico Ferreira Mathias, Ennio Nobili, Marcos Mangani and Nighty ‒ provides insights into her current film project, FLEHMEN RESPONSE. The project is a black comedy based on a special relationship between humans and thoroughbred horses. It pinpoints the absurdity and inherent contrasts in conventional values and ideas, including heroism, pride, power and domination, and privilege.

The artist Hanna Zviahintseva came to the JUNGE AKADEMIE via the Akademie’s Artist at Risk Fellowship for Ukrainian artists. She has designed a diary of illustrations for the Open Studios that give an account of the 28 days between the outbreak of the war and her arrival at the Akademie. In an act of self-healing, Zviahintseva weaves together memories, spaces and emotions to process the inner conflicts and uncertainties that her flight brought about.

Filmmaker Mohammed Almughanni (Film and Media Arts fellow) has been working on Son of the Streets, a coming-of-age documentary, since 2019. Spanning four years, it follows the life of a Palestinian teen, Khodor, who lives in a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. The film describes how hopelessness and energy collide in the adolescent, transforming into aggression and despair while he searches for ways to lead his own life.

Thursday, 15 Sep 2022

6 pm – 10 pm


Presentations of the fellows: Mohammed Almughanni, Lillah Halla, Sol-i So, Hanna Zvyagintseva

In English

Free admission

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