Elfi Mikesch: Krieg oder Frieden (War or peace)

Film and Talk

Wünsdorf in Brandenburg was a military site for decades: first for the Prussians, then for the Wehrmacht and finally for the Red Army. At the centre of this multifaceted essay by Elfi Mikesch is the urban planner and pioneer of ecological urban development Ekhart Hahn, who, together with artists, is committed to a new, sustainable use of the site – above all in the interests of peace. Is a catharsis possible after the catastrophe?

Guests include Mona Mur & Band for a live act, as well as Elfi Mikesch, the team, Ekhart Hahn and actress Eva Mattes for the talk.

Moderation: Bert Rebhandl

Eva Mattes and Ekhart Hahn in Krieg oder Frieden, Film by Elfi Mikesch, © Filmgalerie 451

Friday, 14 Jun 2024

7 pm



Krieg oder Frieden, G 2024, 85 min
Documentary essay by Elfi Mikesch

With Ekhart Hahn, Eva Mattes, Elfi Mikesch et al.

Moderation: Bert Rebhandl

Live-Act: Mona Mur & En Esch + G.A. Schiewe

In German

€ 7.50/5