Jours étranges. Photo © Caroline Ablain

What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today Dominique Bagouet / Catherine Legrand: Jours étranges


Jours étranges is the late dance manifesto of French choreographer Dominique Bagouet. It premiered in 1990, two years before his death. Jours étranges shifts between human fragility and rebellion. Inspired by the Doors’ album Strange Days, it is an attempt to find a direct and radical language of movement in contemporary French dance. Dancer Catherine Légrand has created a living archive with Les Carnets Bagouets. Along with six female dancers she reinvents Jours étranges.

Monday, 2 Sep

8 pm


Hall 2

7:15 pm: introduction by Nele Hertling

In English

€ 13/7 

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