What the Body Remembers. Dance Heritage Today Aleida Assmann und Jan Assmann: Erinnerung, Körper und Kanon

Lecture and Discussion

No other scholarly work has dealt so systematically and sustainably with the topic of memory culture as that of Aleida and Jan Assmann. Both have described cultural memory as a field of collective conflict, have recognised remembering and forgetting as survival strategies, have identified the inscriptions of suppressed history in the body as trauma, and have asked about the canon of Eurocentric historiography. While Aleida Assmann queries the recording of memory in the body, Jan Assmann addresses the problem of finding a canon.

Admission with ticket for the exhibition "The Century of Dance"

Thursday, 19 Sep 2019

8 pm


Studio Lobby

Lecture followed by talk with Aleida and Jan Assmann, Gabriele Brandstetter & Johannes Odenthal

In German

Admission with exhibition ticket (€ 8/5)

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