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In 2017 transcript Verlag published additional publications accompanying the conference Clear the Air”, Künstlermanifeste in Choreografie, Performance Art und bildender Kunst seit den 1960er Jahren (Artists’ manifestoes on choreography, performance art and the visual arts since the 1960s). “No to Spectacle” is the first sentence of what is probably the best-known manifesto on the art of contemporary dance, penned by Yvonne Rainer in 1965. It is the starting point of a discussion with dance studies specialists Gabriele Brandstetter, Katja Schneider, Sabine Huschka and Isa Wortelkamp about how manifestoes were able to affect the performing arts after 1945.

Admission with ticket for the exhibition "The Century of Dance"

Sunday, 25 Aug 2019

6 pm


Studio Lobby

Discussion on manifestos in dance

With Gabriele Brandstetter, Katja Schneider, Sabine Huschka, Isa Wortelkamp

In German

Admission with exhibition ticket (€ 8/5)

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