Uncertain States Bernhard Lang
Soft Machines. Two Abstract Machines

Concert and Discussion

Bernhard Lang’s Monadologie XVIII “Moving Architecture”, which takes statelessness and emigration as its theme, was inspired by a spectacular building in the heart of New York – the Austrian Cultural Forum by Raimund Abraham –, by Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone and Rose Ausländer’s writings. After American singer Daisy Press and the Trio Amos from Vienna perform a new chamber music version of this work, Bernhard Lang discusses his compositions with Werner Grünzweig, head of the Academy’s music archive.

Monadologie XVIII
"Moving Architecture"
Version for voice, flute, accordion and cello,
with quotations from Rose Ausländer and Bob Dylan (2011/12/16)

Monadologie XXI "… for Franz II"
for flute, cello and quarter tone accordion (Schubert op.99) (2012)

Daisy Press, voice

Sylvie Lacroix, flute
Michael Moser, cello
Krassimir Sterev, accordion

Followed by a discussion with Bernhard Lang and Werner Grünzweig, Head of the Akademie’s music archive 

Excerpts taken from the film diary "Scenes from the life of Raimund Abraham", documenting Abraham's work on the Austrian Cultural Forum, are shown at 5 pm. more

Tuesday, 15 Nov 2016

7 pm


Hall 2

Concert and talk with Daisy Press, Trio Amos, Bernhard Lang, Werner Grünzweig

In German language

Free admission

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