AI Anarchies 2022


*1989 in Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Lives in Berlin (DE)

Walla Capelobo
*1992 in Minas Gerais (BR)
Lives in Rio de Janeiro (BR)


D'Andrade's conceptual approach is orientated towards Afro-futurism and decolonial theory as well as the development of investigative works, new narratives and counter-narratives through sound design, coding, archives and interactions. They co-curated the interdisciplinary festival "Jardim Suspenso" in Brazil and founded the solo project "Noise Vivarium" in 2020. D'Andrade's works have been shown at the Prater Galerie, nGbK, Iwalwahaus and the AKE ARTS & BOOK FESTIVAL in Nigeria, among others.


Walla Capelobo holds a master's degree in Contemporary Art Studies from the Federal Fluminense University. She sees herself as a dark forest and fertile mud, as Transfeminist and anti-colonial. Her work as researcher and artist is characterised by the embodiment of life and regeneration. Walla Capelobo is the pedagogical coordinator of the Desculonizacion platform: "action and thought" (Mexico-Brazil). She also collaborates in CIPEI - Círculo Permanente de Estudios Independientes (Mexico-Brazil), a platform for research into counter-pedagogies and counter-visualities.


D'Andrade will write about multidimensional communities, digital poetry and music in collaboration with artist Walla Capelobo.The Ultrapoetry project is an online exhibition divided into three parts: games, essays and acoustic fiction. The creation of virtual 3D worlds will be aesthetically explored from a queer and anti-colonial perspective, and the digital part of the project will eventually turn into an online archive of radical thinkers of decolonial AI.
As part of the Ultrapoetry project, I will explore and develop its theoretical approach and put together a programme with invited artists from Latin America and the diaspora. The artists are invited to contribute thoughts, texts and conversations on the demise of colonialism, the climate crisis, indigenous resistance and technopoetics. Using the concept of Quilombismo, based on the philosophy of Abdias do Nascimento, I will create a temporary Astral Quilombo in order to discuss multidimensional communities and Afrofuturism with a heterogeneous group of thinkers, visual artists and musicians.