Curatorial Fellowship

Since 2021, the JUNGE AKADEMIE of the Akademie der Künste awards a 10-month scholarship to young freelance art coordinators and curators resident in Berlin every year. Endowed with EUR 1,300 per month, the scholarship will permit the independent and open-ended collaboration with international artists from the JUNGEN AKADEMIE’s artist-in-residence programmes. By introducing the new scholarship, the Akademie der Künste is supporting not only the production of art, but also artists’ creative environment.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage informal contacts between coordinators/curators and the artists of the JUNGE AKADEMIE in the context of workshops, internal presentations and open studios events. The programme’s partner is the Deutsche Akademie Rom Villa Massimo, which supervises the Akademie scholarship holders of the Villa Serpentara in Olevano in cooperation with the JUNGE AKADEMIE. Scholarship holders of the programme for art coordination/curation are given the opportunity to stay for several weeks as guests in Rome and Olevano.