JUNGE AKADEMIE – Fellowships

Berlin Fellowship


Curatorial Fellowship

Since 2021, the JUNGE AKADEMIE of the Akademie der Künste awards a 10-month scholarship to young freelance art coordinators and curators resident in Berlin every year.


Villa Serpentara Fellowship
A three-month residential fellowship abroad, awarded mainly to artists from Berlin, at the Villa Serpentara in Olevano Romano (near Rome), Italy. Fellows publicly report about the work they conducted the previous year in the “land where lemons grow.” They are supported on location by members of the German academy Villa Massimo.


Ellen Auerbach Fellowship for Photography
The Ellen Auerbach Scholarship is a development scholarship for young international photographers. The photographer Ellen Auerbach (1906 - 2004) endowed the scholarship as a follow-up to the Academy exhibition "Die Fotografin Ellen Auerbach" (The Photographer Ellen Auerbach) (1998). The scholarship was first awarded in 2006, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Ellen Auerbach's birth. It is financed by her estate.
The scholarship is awarded on a biennial basis and has a value of 20,000 Euros, of which 10,000 Euro is allocated for an exhibition and a small catalogue. Personal application is not possible. The Ellen Auerbach laureates are recommended by Academy members, experts, or international curators and are selected by a members' jury.


Saarland Fellowship
Since 2002 the Visual Arts Section has awarded the Saarland Fellowship for a working residency in Berlin (three-month maximum). It was awarded annually until 2014; biannually since 2016. Candidates recommended by the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste in Saar are selected by a jury of Akademie members in the Visual Arts Section.


Schlubach-Hirschmeier Fellowship
Named after Alfred Hirschmeier (1931–1996), one of most important set designers of the former GDR, and endowed by the Berlin stage and film designer Jan Schlubach (1920–2006), the Akademie der Künste has awarded this grant to talented young film scenographers since 1997. As of 2017 it will again be awarded biannually by Akademie members in the Film and Media Arts Section. It is chiefly intended as recognition, and for project support.


Further information on the fellowship programmes and about the Berlin Fellows of the JUNGE AKADEMIE is available on the German-language version of our website.