Berlin Fellowship 2019 — Performing Arts

Artemiy Shokin

*1989 in Moskau (RU)

lives in Vienna (AT) and Berlin (DE)


Artemiy Shokin works as a freelance scenic artist and stage designer. In his artistic work, he is interested in the creation of closed theatrical installation spaces and the associated difference between the private and the public. In 2018, he completed his studies in stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under the supervision of Prof. Anna Viebrock; he was awarded the Honorary Award 2018 for his degree thesis ACCORDING TO GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES. He has worked with the CHICKS* theatre collective as a performer and stage and costume designer.


“I would like to explore the language and form of different divinations and prophecies. In this context, I am interested in the potentially uniform or convergent images and processes, the formal or ritual aspects of different prophetic directions and cultures. I initially consider these beyond any esoteric concepts. I look for signs, objects and symbols of the rite. How are these imbued with a sense of the 'holy'? My interest focuses on how this is produced. The situational system developed is to be performed toward the end of the residency in a purpose-built installation space (e.g. a fortune teller's tent, a shrine or a salon) in individual or group sessions with members of the public/interested parties.”