Berlin Fellowship 2020 — Architecture

Jennifer O'Donnell

Lives in Berlin (DE)
Instagram: @plattenbaustudio
Twitter: @drawingarch


Jennifer O'Donnell is an Irish architect and co-founder of plattenbaustudio. She studied architecture at University College Dublin and KTH Stockholm, graduating with first class honours. Her work focuses on the inhabitation of architecture, using architectural drawing as a means of studying and comprehending the complexities of the built environment. Her interest lies in the everyday realities of architecture in use; in the appropriation of space by the body and by objects. Her ongoing interest in architectural drawing includes its potential as a tool for communication within the wider public discourse around architecture. Jennifer's work has been exhibited at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the London Festival of Design and the Irish Embassy in Berlin.


My proposal is to undertake a period of extended focus into the development of my drawings as a fundamental part of my creative practice. In particular, I wish to investigate the medium of survey drawing with the aim of developing new applications and interpretations of this measured, familiar mechanism for interpreting the world around us. To this end I will test and develop a series of large-scale survey drawings for their possible applications as tools for the dissemination and discussion of architecture with the public realm. As a further evolution of this work, I also wish to investigate the use of film and projection as applied to and combined with two-dimensional line drawing.