Berlin Fellowship 2021 — Literature

Jonas Eika

*1991 in Aarhus (DK)
lives in Kopenhagen (DK)


Jonas Eika is a writer of fiction, most recently Efter Solen (After the Sun / Nach der Sonne), a collection of five rather long short stories mixing realism with elements of science fiction and mystical literature. Besides writing, Jonas also teaches writing and translates from English to Danish. Currently, he’s working on a collaborative translation of Jackie Wang’s Carceral Capitalism.


I intend to write the last part of a historical novel, which I’m currently working on. It follows The Beguines, a religious women’s movement that spread throughout Western Europe in the 13th century. In the novel, I am trying to portray the struggle of a small group of Beguines to live in accordance with their ideals: non-hierarchical, with a community of property, in contemplation and solidarity with the most marginalized.