Berlin Fellowship 2021 — Music

Sol-i So

*1990 in Jeonju (KOR)
lives in Dresden (DE) und Bern (CH)


Sol-i So studied traditional Korean musical theatre (singing and acting) in Korea and composition in Dresden as well as New Music singing in Dresden and Bern. She is on stage with Korean performing art and is also an active composer and vocalist of contemporary music. To create her own music theatre, she also likes to work and experiment in the visual field. In addition to her artistic activities, she teaches Korean traditional singing at the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Berlin.


My main goal is to get to know various people and concepts from different fields and to experience the vision of the Akademie der Künste Berlin. What matters a lot to me are the current thoughts and ideas of our young generation, as well as their main issues – regardless of the field they come from. It would be nice if this could help me discover some wonderful, funny ideas that are creative and non-conventional. I am also part of some ensembles in Berlin and would like to work with them on a regular basis again. Because of the coronavirus, I have not been able to do so lately. I will also experiment intensively in the studio with a few pieces and do research in the library.