Berlin Fellowship 2022 — Architecture

Covadonga Blasco, 2022, c @ddgs

Covadonga Blasco

*1987, Madrid (ESP)

Lives in Madrid (ESP)


Architect Covadonga Blasco holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in advanced architectural projects. Her dissertation, “Twittering Machines: Instruments for Depicting the Idea of Soundscape”, delves into the confluence of landscape and sound art. She has been academic director of SUR, the School of Artistic Professions at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid since 2020, where she teaches art theory and artistic research methodology. She was executive director of the Architecture and Society Foundation (2018–2019). Blasco collaborates as a freelance professional in the design of international exhibitions and publications.


What can a landscape expect from sound? Taking this question as a starting point, I will continue my research on the invention of instruments that allow me to represent the concept of “Soundscape”, that is, mechanisms that serve to define the sound of the landscape or the spatial event associated with the causes that produce it. My artistic practice focuses on the invention of instruments, cartographies and poetic images based on the sound dimension of the landscape. I defend the relevance of using instruments in teaching architecture and landscape design as a method of encouraging sensitivity to the environment.