Human Machine Fellowship 2022

Petja Ivanova

*1986, Shumen (BG)

Lives in Berlin (DE)

Instagram: @petja_i


Petja Rossenova Ivanova’s intersectional feminist and transdisciplinary practice combine biology, spirituality, computation and the poetic to promote the “poetic method” as a counterweight to the socially dominant “scientific method” of a capitalist, imperialist, white supremacist patriarchy. The Berlin-based Bulgarian artist graduated from the Berlin University of Arts in the Computational Art/Generative Art class in 2015. She runs Studio Poetic Futures & Speculative Ecologies (SPF) out of a little caravan and teaches speculative design at HAW Hamburg and at times at Linnaeus University in Växjo, Sweden.


oasis dot wet is a radical hydro- and cyber-feminist endeavour transforming bodily fluids into virtual ecologies, making use of the liquid character of stories and feelings passing through our bodies.