Human Machine Fellowship 2022

Petja Ivanova

*1986, Shumen (BG)

Lives in Berlin (DE)

Instagram: @petja_i


Petja Ivanova, born in Bulgaria, is an artist, lecturer and performer whose practice is framed by her “Studio for Poetic Futures and Speculative Ecologies”. Seeking to overcome the linear and binary thinking that technology carries, Petja introduces poetic, emotional, mycelial and psychic relations to the living world through Computational Art. She studied visual communication and computational/generative art at the Berlin University of Arts. Ivanova has taught speculative design at Linnaeus University (Sweden) and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, where she received the 2021 Lecturer Award. Recent exhibitions include New Now Festival, 3hd Festival ‒ Echo Chambers and Our Data Bodies for transmediale Vorspiel in 2023. Petja is a 2023 Human Machine Fellow at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.


oasis dot wet is a radical hydro- and cyber-feminist endeavour transforming bodily fluids into virtual ecologies, making use of the liquid character of stories and feelings passing through our bodies.