Villa Serpentara Fellowship 2018

Simone Haug

Section Film and Media Art


*1981 in Berne (CH)

lives in Biel (CH)


Simone Haug studied sociology and visual anthropology in Berne and Paris, visual arts at HFBK Hamburg. Exhibitions include: Thun Art Museum, (2018); Villa Massimo, Rome, Festa dell'Estate (2018); Il Caminetto, Hamburg (2018); Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography (2016); Gallerie Conradi, Hamburg Silken Tool (2015). Scholarships/Awards: Work Grant of the Canton of Berne, City of Biel (2019), Work Scholarship nfs Lives, Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography (2016), Recognition Award of the Canton of Berne (2011).


Simone Haug's work moves in the field of interplay between documentation and abstract translation. Most of her work is preceded by longer stays and research in specific social and cultural contexts. She mainly works with the media of photography, painting and drawing. She is currently working on a project in the carpet weaving mill of a Swiss prison. It is about the relationship between time and detention. Based on discussions with individual persons, carpet designs are jointly created, which translate the respective conceptions of time into abstract images. The designs are then realised at the prison's weaving mill.