Villa Serpentara Fellowship 2019

Fabian Lippert

Section Architecture

*1972 in Augsburg (DE)
lives in Berlin (DE)


Fabian Lippert studied at the Technical University of Dortmund, the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona and the College of Arts Berlin (now Berlin University of the Arts). He has been a member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects since 2005. His work focuses on traditional architectural projects and projects at the interface between art and architecture as well as furniture design. The aim of his space-related works is to re-enforce existing locations in terms of their specific character. Current projects include: UNTERTON, a permanent installation for the south terrace outside the Gropiusbau, Berlin; Stadtplatz GRONE, Göttingen; KUNFT, installation for the church in Alt Gaarz (in cooperation with Ina Geißler).


"By living temporarily at Olevano Romano and in the romantic landscape, I hope – like the landscape painters of the 19th century – to experience the "original", the simple. In an ideal situation, this environment should help you to identify the essence of a thing.
During my stay at Olevano, I will work on furniture designs. The starting point is questions of form and engaging with specific objects or found forms or spaces. Observing everyday urban details such as standard furniture/handcrafted custom fencing and exploring the raw suburbia of Rome promise to inspire me. I am also interested in exploring the ancient language of form, for example the additive floor plan geometry of Hadrian's Villa and the forms of medieval towns on the hilltops of Lazio. Finally, I am looking forward to the spatial effect of the architecture of the buildings in the EUR district and the residential estates dating from the 1960s."