Villa Serpentara Fellowship 2023

Anna Hetzer

*1986 Hanover (DE)

Lives in Berlin (DE) 

Section: Literature


Anna Hetzer grew up in Berlin. Following her studies, she worked as a physician. Her textual works include poetry, essays and translations. She is a member of the collective G13 and also regularly participates in diverse artistic cooperations and performances. In her work, Hetzer deals with ambiguous images, queer poetry, utopian designs, and omissions in historiographies. She is interested in varied lyrical procedures, including those that go beyond a text’s linearity.


In my previous writing, I already hinted at the varieties of lesbian eroticism. During my residency, I will continue to work on this topic through an examination of pornographic material and homoerotic art. At first, I will deal with their lexical and metaphorical expressions. This is mainly to accentuate desiderata and the potentialities of language poetry. Further, I will experiment with word poetry in combination with visual and possibly auditory forms of expression. So, technically, I understand the project as a collection and an experiment that strives to grasp poetry as a three-dimensional space and a field of enquiry.