Villa Serpentara Fellowship 2023

Katharina Roth

*1990, Koblenz (DE)

Lives in Vienna (AUT)

Section: Music


Katharina Roth writes music alternating between fragile, intimate sound moments and solid, almost destructive sound blocks. Of vital importance to her is a close collaboration and exchange with musicians, as well as with artists working in other fields.

Roth studied composition with Dieter Mack in Lübeck, Germany, Daniel D’Adamo in Reims, France and Carola Bauckholt in Linz, Austria. During a study residency in Bhopal, India, she was intensively engaged with Indian Dhrupad music. Roth founded the Lizard Ensemble in Linz. She is a fellow of the Akademie Musiktheater heute in 2021‒23.


During my time at the Villa Serpentara, I intend to devote myself mainly to working on an orchestral piece. I want to look into how I can use an orchestra to create fragile sound worlds that resemble a landscape through which you can wander. The most diverse noises and percussion sounds will undoubtedly play an important role, which is central to my way of thinking.

In addition, I would like to continue my collaboration with the Italian ensemble FontanaMIX and hope that being associated with the Junge Akademie will allow me to meet artists from other disciplines from which collaborations can develop.