Werner Düttmann Fellowship 2022

Nina Dragičević

*1984, Novo mesto (SVN)
Lives in Ljubljana (SVN)



Nina Dragičević is a writer, poet, and composer, with a Ph.D. in Sociology (thesis title: Sound of Bureaucracy in Everyday Life, 2020). She is a transdisciplinary artist whose artistic and theoretical work ranges from LGBTQ+ topics, radical feminism, and critical theory. She’s the author of several books of poetry and essays, sound installations, and compositions. Dragičević is the recipient of the 2021 Jenko Award (Slovenia), 2020 Župančič Award (Ljubljana, Slovenia), 2018 Knight of Poetry Award, and was the finalist for the Palma Ars Acustica Award 2018.


During the fellowship, I will work on a series of sound-text compositions that are part of a broader artistic concept and research on the topic of the political economy of sound and paradoxes of freedom of expression in the era of (neo)liberalism.