Registrar's Office

View of the Art Collection's storage facility

The Archives receives requests for loans from around the world. Documents from the Archives as well as art works and museal objects from the Art Collection are regularly shown in national and international exhibitions. The Akademie der Künste's exhibition spaces at the Hanseatenweg and Pariser Platz venues also present several exhibitions a year – showing both exhibits from the Akademie as well as external loans.
The Registrars are responsible for organising loans for and from other institutions for these exhibitions. They draft and check loan contracts, deal with the insurance issues, organise and arrange the transport, and monitor and coordinate exhibition assembly, dismantling and documentation. They are in constant contact with conservators and archivists, transport companies, lenders, insurance agents, curators and the assembly team, and provide an interface between various areas within the administration. With the Academy Archives constantly growing, the Registrars also deal with the process of and tasks involved in taking on new archives.