Price List

The use of archival materials in the Reading Rooms is free of charge. Charges are due, however, for preparing copies of materials and publications, as well as photoreproductions, etc.

Xerographic copies of archival materials
A4 €0.60   
A3 €1.00

Xerographic copies of printed publications
A4 €0.40   
A3 €0.50

Colour copies
A4 €1.50   
A3 €2.00

Microfilm / microfiche printer copies
A4 €1.00   
A3 €2.00

More complex copies
A4 € 3.00   
A3 €5.00

All price plus 7% VAT

In principle, visual material is only available on loan. The loan period is twelve weeks, but can be renewed. Readers are charged €3.00 for each photo on loan. If the requested photograph is not available, readers will be charged for the production costs. In this case, no loan charge is due. The reader is responsible for delivery fees.

Enlargements s/w
13x18 €3.00 - €5.00
18x24 €5.50 - €7.50

Photos of archival materials, for each s/w negative
€8.00 - €10.00

Photos of archival materials, colour
6x7 to 9x12 €21.00 - €30.00

Photos of sketches and paintings, for each s/w negative or colour slide 
Depending on size €26.00 - €31.00

Photos of sculptures, each s/w negative or colour slide
Depending on size €41.00 - €57.00

Microfilm / microfiche copies made by readers
A4 €0.50   
A3 €1.00

All price plus 7% VAT

Full postage costs with a minimum charge of:  €3.00
Dispatch by email:  €3.00

All price plus 7% VAT

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