Lutz Dammbeck

Lutz Dammbeck © photo: Bertram Kober/PUNCTUM

Lutz Dammbeck is a painter, graphic artist, conceptual artist and filmmaker who strives for new forms of artistic expression and narrative in his paintings, films, collages and installations, always crossing traditional boundaries (Das Netz, Overgames). Since the end of the 1970s, the antique figure of Heracles has shifted to the centre of his oeuvre, successively creating the Gesamtkunstwerk that eventually became Heracles-Concept. Dammbeck thus began his discourse on political action as a basic condition of human (co-habiting) life, which continues today. Using unusual analogue and digital collage techniques, he visualises his processes, characterised by their ambivalence, which thematically revolve around the fields of culture, politics, history, art, philosophy and science.