Dieter Goltzsche

Dieter Goltzsche, photo: Inge Zimmermann

Dieter Goltzsche is one of Berlin's old masters of the art of drawing. “The pictorial and the natural must be seen as two characters in the picture. As long as you are working on the picture, they are in conflict,” the artist said. Drawing, therefore, is “a disciplining before nature”. He studied under Max Schwimmer and Hans Theo Richter in Dresden, and in 1958, as Max Schwimmer's only master student, he joined him in East Berlin and subsequently worked as a freelance artist on drawings, prints and watercolours. His drawings and texts of the last 60 years “are an impressive testimony to the clairvoyance with which he felt this dilemma and remained true to it.” He finds the form in the drawing process itself. “No picture, in whatever medium, is simply a copy.” (Robert Kudielka, 2006)