Martin Kippenberger

At his early death, Martin Kippenberger left behind a complex oeuvre that includes paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and installations. The focus is on himself as an artist and protagonist in his own lived world. Acting and reacting spontaneously, he reflects on themes from art history, politics, society, pop culture and music. “In his self-conviction, Kippenberger has always aimed for exactly this: To be role model, to go all out – to the extreme. Like Dürer, he saw himself in the role of the Redeemer, though not as a devout figure with flowing hair, but as the crucified one [...] Whether Spiderman, Matisse or Jesus – time and again Kippenberger has positioned his own relation to the greats, working his way up to the heroes of art.” (Nicola Kuhn, 2019)