AI Anarchies 2022

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Aarti Sunder

*1987 in Mumbai (IND)
Lives in Chennai (IND)


Aarti Sunder is an artist living and working in India. She largely works with moving image, writing and drawing. Her interest lies within technology and our relationship with it, focusing on the study of digital infrastructure. So far she has been focusing on contemporary labour practices, fictional edges of protest, myth and digital-terrestrial play.  


During this fellowship I will look into another form of back-end investigation, where the source and pathways of our internet, the ecosystem within which it operates and the life-forms that live around it are put into focus: submarine cables that carry the world’s data, materiality, connection and abstraction. How does data travel? Who and what does it meet on the way? Where do these conduits lie? The exploration rests on underlining the immense importance of submarine cables as historical conduits of power, resource allocation, distribution, labour, and layers of invisibility.