Berlin Fellowship 2018 — Visual Arts

Mirkan Deniz

Works and lives in Zurich (CH)


Mirkan Deniz works with sculpture, video and installation. Her conceptual works are often reconstructions and citations. One of her interests is the tension between materials and immaterial effects (trauma, ineffable experiences, and memories). How can an object (a sculpture) maintain this tension while investigating the relationship between past, violence and subjectivity?

Exhibitions, Performances


Solo exhibition, Wir waren nur Gastgeberin, Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Installation of the work Masa, as well as the films Barikat and verbunden

Solo exhibition, Akrep, Kunstraum Les Complices, Zurich

Exhibition of the work Ohne Titel (Untitled, 911 Kilometer), Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich


Exhibition of the installation Sınır-Sokak, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZhdK), Zurich

Public art action with the work Masa in front of the Swiss Parliament building in Bern, Switzerland


Participation in the performance Uncounted by Emily Roysdon, Kunsthalle Zürich

Displayed Masa in the context of the exhibition The Others Have Arrived Safely, Shedhalle, Zurich, as well as the public art action at the Palais de Rumine, Lausanne

Solo exhibition of the work Sprich Deutsch, sprich viel!, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZhdK), Zurich


Auge Kimme Korn series in the exhibition Can hope be disappointed?, Lochergut, Zurich

Filmography, Works (selection)


Akrep. Installation: Reconstruction of various parts of an armoured combat vehicle used by Turkish security forces

Barikat. Film performance, 13 min


Masa. Reconstruction of the table on which the Treaty of Lausanne was signed in 1923; public action in Lausanne and Bern


What is time if not activism?, performance, 20 min

verbunden. Short film, 13 min


Auge Kimme Korn. Series of 15 drawings on paper