Berlin Fellowship 2023 — Film and Media Arts

Amin Behroozzadeh

*1978, Iran

Lives in Berlin (DE)


Amin Behroozzadeh is a self-taught artist, musician, photographer and filmmaker. He is interested to work on films with human interest approach and with a cinematic language using images, sound and music as the main language of the film. His first documentary film, “Fish Eyes” premiered in Visions du Reel International Film Festival 2020 and traveled to many other film festivals across Europe, this film received the Best Film Award in Cinelink Work in Progress in Sarajevo Film Festival 2019. Amin Behroozzadeh also has worked as a composer on documentaries and fiction like “Braving the Waves”, "Dark Matter" , “I want to be a King” and “The Art of Living in Danger” which have been internationally screened around the world including IDFA, Sheffield Doc/Fest London, Busan International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Documentary Film Festival among others. Recently he has worked as a sound artist and composer in 2 short experimental films in a collective work with Wim Wenders mentorship, which is called “Iran: A Sense of Place”.

Beside his artistic work he was a lecturer for music in Iran from 2000-2009.


During this residency I will work on the sound design for the feature film “Hope Against Hope” directed by Mina Keshavarz. At the same time, I am working on an installation to connect the audience and the work that is being performed. A combined work of sound, music, video and light which allows the audience to search in space and look for sound and image and find new details every time. Inviting the audience to have an interactive attendance, which is a non-verbal dialogue between artwork and audience. That gives the audience an opportunity to have her/his own narrative of this installation.