Berlin Fellowship 2023 — Performing Arts

Isabel Cruz

 *1997, Mexico (MEX)

Lives in Montreal (CAN)


Isabel Cruz graduated from l’École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec in 2022. Her creative background has evolved through the years, including dance and music performance. Isabel is also interested and enjoys playing with choreography, design, painting, and photography, all of which she does for her own pleasure and as well as to serve her community. Isabel aims to reach a profound knowledge of dance’s breathtaking language in order to convey her feelings, ideas, and emotions through the practice, and consequently reach a level of communion both with herself and as a consequence with the audience. She is currently working with Margie Gillis as part of the Legacy Project as well as with Paco Ziel and Diana León for Vias Company.


During my residency, my primary intention is to immerse myself in the service of something greater than myself. I aim to connect with this force through various artistic expressions, viewing this experience as a journey to explore the depths of life and self-discovery. Throughout this period, my desire is to continue my journey of learning through art, employing various expressive forms such as installation, music, design, architecture, and visual arts. I aim to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone, allowing my creativity to flow in new directions.

Additionally, I long to collaborate and connect with other beings, seeking shared creativity as a means of deeper connection. I aspire to explore the convergence of artistic disciplines by merging perspectives and to be in service of the project I would like to continue to research.