Berlin Fellowship 2023 — Music

Josephine Macken

*1997, Wollstonecraft (AUS)

Lives in Sydney (AUS)


Josephine Macken is a composer based on unceded Gadigal land (Australia). The concept of interference is central to her work, wielded both as a tool for artmaking and an aesthetic framework for articulating her practice. Her music maps disturbances across modes of sound production through feedback loops, agency hierarchies and meditations on the uncanny. Josephine completed her Masters through the Sydney Conservatorium’s award-winning Composing Women Program and has presented her work at the Shanghai Conservatory, Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Harvard and Columbia University.


During this residency, I will continue to develop my work with string and textiles as forms of musical notation, activators of instruments/performing bodies and as material/spatial renderings of temporal processes. This will facilitate the composition of two new works: a solo trumpet piece and a work for alto flute and double bass.