Berlin Fellowship 2023 — Performing Arts

Jug Đorđević

 *1993, Vranje (SRB)

Lives in Belgrade (SRB)

Instagram: @jugdjordjevic



Jug Đorđević graduated from the Department of Theater and Radio Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. During his studies, he worked as an assistant director for leading European directors (Jernej Lorenci, Miloš Lolić, Ersan Mondtag etc.) His field of work is mostly focused on contemporary Serbian plays, concerning themes such as Balkan heritage, identity, gender justice etc.


In my previous work, I tried to incorporate the context and topics related to specific surrounding of theater institution that I was working in. As a theater director, I want to engage with the city’s dynamic artistic community, collaborating with actors, playwrights, and technicians from diverse backgrounds. As Germany always was a go to destination for Yugoslav people, today many of them are an integral part of German theater scene. Having that in mind, my intention is to explore that context and collaborate with theater workers who have experience of immigration. Berlin’s embrace of experimentation aligns with my vision of creating theater that challenges, inspires, and provokes thought.