Berlin Fellowship 2023 — Music


*1984, Mpraeso (GHA)

Lives in Accra (GHA)


Steloolive, born Evans Mireku Kissi, is an acclaimed sound performance artist, composer, and electronic music DJ from Accra, Ghana. With a fearless exploration of sounds, he trailblazes as a boundary-pushing artist, redefining sonic artistry. At the core of Steloolive's practice lies a relentless passion for the evolution of sound. His innovative approach combines diverse influences, transcending genres and expectations. He experiments with sound, fashion, art, and conceptual photography, venturing into uncharted territories.

Steloolive has performed on prestigious stages worldwide: Donaueschingen Musiktage, Skulptur Projekte Münster, Design Indaba-Cape Town and the Adidas Headquarters. Collaborating with Ensemble Recherche Freiburg solidified his respected position on the global music scene. Throughout his career, Steloolive has captivated audiences with dynamic performances and innovative soundscapes. Blending electronic music with unconventional elements, he pushes sonic boundaries and reimagines the possibilities of sound.


Renowned artist Steloolive will showcase a ground-breaking art and sound performance, expanding on his acclaimed "smell project" with "The Art of Listening with the Eyes and Smelling with the Ears." This residency explores the experimental practice of abstract "smellscape" through a fusion of imagery and sound in an installation format.

"The Art of Listening with the Eyes and Smelling with the Ears" offers a unique multi-sensory experience, combining visuals and a captivating soundscape. Participants engage with global cities' olfactory landscapes, redefining perception by connecting one’s eyes and sense of smell. Abstract representations of scents invite interpretation and interaction.

Central to the performance is an evocative sound piece crafted from collected field recordings. Merging with compelling visuals, it creates a rich and immersive experience, unveiling an unseen world of abstract smells. Steloolive's artistry ensures that the installation captivates and provokes contemplation. Through this project, Steloolive challenges sensory perception and deepens our understanding of surroundings. This ground-breaking performance transcends artistic boundaries, appealing to art enthusiasts and those seeking multi-sensory experiences.