Human Machine Fellowship 2022


Laura Fong Prosper

*1978, Panama City (PAN)

Lives in Berlin (DE)

Instagram: @laurafongprosper


Tin Wilke

*1986, Ost-Berlin (DE)

Lives in Berlin (DE)

Instagram: @t.i.n.wilke/  


FONGWILKE is an artist duo composed of Laura Fong Prosper (Panama City) and Tin Wilke (East Berlin). Their work focuses on collective memory, digital syncretism and speculative imagery of counter narratives. In their hybrid practice they work on the intersection of organic material, analog found footage and new digital media within installations, virtual reality, video art and experimental film forms.

Laura has an MFA in media art and design from the Bauhaus University Weimar and a film editing degree from the International School of Film and TV in San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba (EICTV).Tin studied art and media at the Berlin University of the Arts (Udk) and has a master’s degree in theatre with new media and interactivity from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) Buenos Aires. Tin forms part of the queer performance collective CC_Lab and is board member of the association for social-ecological change (VSOW e.V.). They are both members of the Mkv Berlin Media Art Association (medienkunst e.V.).

Their work has been shown in the Centre Pompidou, Paris, Museum of Modern Art Rio de Janeiro, Ruhrtriennale Essen, Goethe-Institut Toronto, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo Montevideo to name a few.



For the Human-Machine Fellowship, we want to establish an experimental exchange between analog film material, artificial intelligence and organic and recycled materialities that open speculative imaginative spaces beyond the apocalyptic narratives of our time. A found footage collection of two hundred 16mm film reels from the 20th century, whose visions of progress we want to critically evaluate and reinterpret together with AI, provided our starting point. From today’s perspective, we ask what progress means in the face of climate change and a system based on endless growth and exploitation. How can we reframe the vision of a sustainable future by collaborating with neural networks? We will experiment with different organic and recycled materials for the exhibition of the results of this multi-entities collaboration.