Villa Serpentara Fellowship 2018

Anna Slobodnik

Section Visual Arts


*1990 in Moscow (RU)

lives in Berlin (DE)


Masters' student of Prof. Mark Lammert, UdK Berlin (2016), Schulz Stübner Foundation Prize (2016), Scholarship Prize for Young Art, Kunstverein Centre Bagatelle (2018). Exhibitions include: Painting Painting Painting, Raum Vollreinigung, Berlin (2019), Galerie Didier Devillez (2018), Brussels, Druck_Sache, Kommunale Galerie Pankow, Berlin (2018), Schulz Stübner Foundation Prize Exhibition, Grevenbroich (solo, 2017).


"The myth of the eroticism of the act of painting began with the vibration of the canvas at the moment when it is touched by the brush. Paper can also vibrate, especially a large sheet cut from the roll and hung on the wall. It vibrates, the paint trickles down, unerring. A piece of paper lying on the table does not vibrate, nor does the paint trickle, except where the brush takes it; the vibration is left to the ornament of drawing. Finally something in between, small tiles that together form a large pattern, much more fragile than the others, as they are constantly in danger of being gone with the wind. Following the trail of the Grand Tour, not only do the light and the air of Italy, the vibrato become part of the patterns, the carpets and ornaments on the paper, but also the frescoes by Fra Angelico and in Pompeii and the mosaics of Ravenna settle in the mind of the artist, forming a sediment of natural resources that can be dug up again and again in later years."