13.4.2013, 15 Uhr

Spontaneous Random with Sir Peter Cook!

Photo: Katharina Kneisel
Thank you Peter Cook! Last night's keynote lecture of the CULTURE:CAPITAL symposium was one of a kind! Who was in the audience and followed the observations of this 'Town-Collector', was taken to a journey around the world and learned some lessons on where culture can be spotted within today's city. To start the spontaneous random with some moments of the performance we quote him with his closing words: ALLES IST KULTUR … !

What makes the culture of a city? What actually means culture? Maybe having a good time? Since most of us got mostly bored... But how? Maybe mingling at a kiosk? One should start with his kiosk check: If it is the sophisticated kiosk to be found in Cordoba or in the funky suburbs in Tokyo – or possibly the smallest one installed in the back of a bike, or among the collection of more than 400 in the city of Tel Aviv.

Is it culture if you find yourself listening to poetry while getting on a train in Oslo? Or going water skiing in urban Santiago de Chile? Being a flaneur in Melbourne Exotica? Or watch the culture expressed in color in Valparaiso facades?

Or can it simply be wearing ARCHIGRAM boxer trunks ;)?